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Habitus Loves… International Furniture Fair Singapore

Habitus Loves… International Furniture Fair Singapore

As one of the leading furniture trade fairs in Southeast Asia, the International Furniture Fair Singapore is a gathering ground some of the best designs from the region. We give you our picks from this year’s edition.

Logg Dining Table & Torii Dining Chair


Created by: Jarrod Lim

Why we love it: Part of Jarrod Lim’s new furniture label Hinika, the solid wood Logg Dining Table is a thoughtful design with removable legs for easy transport and storage. It’s best matched with the Torii Dining Chair, which is made of oak and stackable. Torii also comes in an outdoor teak version, complete with a removable, quick dry cushion. 

Where you can get it: Jarrod Lim Design


Coco Cozy Cot


Created by: Plato

Why we love it: The Coco Cozy Cot is a handcrafted outdoor chair made from a highly unique weaving pattern that casts interesting forms on walls and floors when light hits it. We love how traditional craft has been used to create such a modern, sculptural piece of furniture. It’s no wonder that the product has bagged the Good Design Award.

Where you can get it: Plato


SIM Outdoor Coffee Table


Created by: Paphop Wongpanich

Why we love it: Not only is the compact SIM Outdoor Coffee Table easy to assemble, the glass top also shows off the beautiful details of the solid teak wood structure. 

Where you can get it: TAKEHOMEDESIGN


Truss Wall–Mounted Hanger


Created by: Grafunkt

Why we love it: Inspired by how wild mushrooms often grow in clusters, the Truss Wall-mounted Hanger has ‘hooks’ of different sizes to accommodate different needs. Beyond satisfying our desire for functionality, it can also be hung up as a wall feature. With utility and aesthetics both accounted for, what’s not to love?

Where you can get it: Grafunkt


The Singapore Icons Studio Project


Created by: Five designers/design studios for SUPERMAMA

Why we love it: Five designers and design studios – namely Desinere, Ampulets, Relay Room, Quiet Studio and Chang Shian Wei – were invited by SUPERMAMA to participate in the Singapore Icons Studio Project. Their exploration into new Singapore icons led to a lovely collection of ceramic ware, which was produced in Japan by ceramic company Kihara Inc. The collection has now been launched under SUPERMAMA’s new label, Democratic Society. 

Where you can get it: SUPERMAMA


Soup Instinct


Created by: Celia Law for Makan Time! Tuck in to Good Design

Why we love it: Makan Time! Tuck in to Good Design is an exhibition organised by the Little Thoughts Group that explores Singaporean heritage and icons through food-inspired designs. We were drawn to Celia Law’s Soup Instinct, a compact herbal soup cooker for young couples keen to enjoy home-cooked food with minimal effort after a hard day’s work. Soup Instinct consists of a cast iron external pot that acts as a boiler and warmer, and a porcelain container for the soup’s herbal components. Within the porcelain pot is a bamboo-look basket that sifts the ingredients after cooking. A porcelain cover doubles as a bowl.




Created by: d-Bodhi

Why we love it: The Carbon furniture collection is made from a colourful mosaic of old boat wood. The modern squared-off shapes sit solidly on a strong foundation of brushed iron bars. Whoever would have thought that discarded wood could be given such beautiful new purpose?

Where you can get it: d-Bodhi


Vladimir Trestle Table


Designed by: Studiobo for Arc Living

Why we love it: Inspired by the Constructivism Movement, this modern rendition of the trestle table is made of solid brass legs and premium quality mahogany wood. We appreciate the skillful craftsmanship that has gone into the product – each piece is handmade from start to finish.

Where you can get it: Arc Living