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With More Softness, More Ease: The Healey

With More Softness, More Ease: The Healey

Celebrating 150 years in design, Walter Knoll is synonymous for timeless elegance. Their Healey Lounge continues this legacy.

Sinewy vital lines, weightless elegance, charming and noble: The Healey Lounge.

Designed by PearsonLloyd for Walter Knoll, the Healey Lounge is, at its core, an exercise in measured dignity. Inspired by the seats of legendary classic cars, the Healey is a modern lounge chair that supports the rituals of everyday medial life. As the perfect exemplar of the Walter Knoll brand, it stands for timeless modernity: pieces that age with poise but never tire.

The outer shell carries soft leather and is modulated by unerringly perfect upholstery, underscored by the Healey’s distinctive piped quilting. Organic, flowing lines trace an elegant shell-like form. But, as a reflection of modern life, the addition of a broad upholstered armrest, doubly adjustable for comfort or utility, is designed with user-performance in mind: perfect for tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Continuing the formal design language of its illustrious forebears in the Walter Knoll family – the FK and Fabricius, in particular – The Healey reveals its personality both as a soloist and part of an ensemble with its unique form, clear contours and swift lines.

From the award-winning design studio PearsonLloyd, the Healey is designed by Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd and follows through on their commitment to deliver objects of beauty, economy and intelligence.

The work of PearsonLloyd is characterised by a strong and recognisable aesthetic fused with insight and observation. See the interview below to find out more about the inspiring design relationship between Walter Knoll and Luke Pearson of PearsonLloyd.


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