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Hiyoshiya Lights from Artika International

Imported by Mika Nishimura (who’s beautiful home is visited in Habitus 19) of Artika International, Hiyoshiya lights are elegant and beautifully crafted, combining both traditional and modern techniques and materials.

Created by Hiyoshiya, the last remaining manufacturer of washi paper umbrellas for tea ceremonies in Kyoto, the lights are all built around umbrella-like frames that allow them to be folded or their shape to be adjusted.

Hiyoshiya was established by the Nishibori family in Kyoto in the mid 1800s and their clients include the Japanese Imperial Palace.  When Queen Elizabeth visited Kyoto, it was Hiyoshiya who produced large traditional paper umbrellas for the special tea ceremony at Nijo Castle. 

Now in its fifth generation, Hiyoshiya create these innovative lights, while continuing to produce the traditional washi paper umbrellas, using techniques and craftsmanship that date back more than 1000 years. 

KOTORI pendant lights are all individually made by hand, by carefully splitting a bamboo to create the fine geometric design and applying translucent hand-made washi paper.  Even the glue is hand-made from tapioca which makes these lights an environmentally sustainable product.  An artisan takes a whole day to create just four of these lights. 

Hiyoshiya has won several design awards in Japan and Germany since launching these lights in Japan in 2006.  They’ve been exhibited widely in Paris, New York, Milan, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Shanghai with positive receptions.   


The lights are now imported to Australia by Sydney-based Artika International which distributes innovative products created by Japanese designers who bring an aesthetically adventurous new approach to such traditional crafts as hand-made umbrellas. 

ECC Lighting and Furniture currently stocks Hiyoshiya lights in its showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Artika International

ECC Lighting and Furniture

For more product details, please visit Hiyoshiya website at: wagasa.com