In Profile: Deka Design

In Profile: Deka Design

The voice behind Deka, the Queensland furniture company that creates beautiful, timeless pieces that are locally produced and can be customised in their design.

Who should we speak to when specifying?
Nora Kinnunen can provide information regarding all products and services provided by Deka Design.

What are your client’s priorities at the moment?

Retail customers are understandably very economical with their purchases but fortunately many sophisticated consumers understand the cultural significance of supporting local production and approach us on that basis.

Their purchases tend to be more long term so they value other factors such as environmental and cultural sustainability over price. Our commercial clients are requiring more use of local materials and details in design which support the overall interior and architecture of the buildings. This suits us as our strength and expertise is in custom designed work using local materials.

What is good design to you?
Good design is futuring. It makes visible our structural unsustainability and counters it with actions which advance the project of sustainment. Good design is care embodied in objects and processes; it nurtures relationships and it is culturally and socially sustaining. Good design can be measured by how well it directs our designing towards sustainable futures.

What does the future hold?
The future for Deka Design includes expanding the existing redirective platform within the company to explore new concepts in sustainable ways of living, such as extending the trans-form-it concept, and forming new collaborations which enable broader promotion of a sustainable material culture.

Address: Unit 1, 23 Mungala Street, Wynnum Qld 4178

Phone: 07 3396 5850
Contact: Nora Kinnunen
Email: info@dekadesign.com.au
Website: www.dekadesign.com.au