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Not All Objects Are Created Equal – Who’s On Top At The INDEs?

Not All Objects Are Created Equal – Who’s On Top At The INDEs?

Functionality, signification, aesthetics – all are fundamental parts that compose a piece of successful industrial design; Neolith knows this and we’ve teamed up to present The Object INDE.Award.

Above: The HUP HUP is a folding chair with the form and experience of a traditional timber chair, designed by Tom Skeehan.

If we’re to learn from the experts about good industrial design, we need look no further than Neolith. An all-natural compact sintered surface, Neolith – available through Australia thanks to the team at CDK Stone – was developed with all of the aforementioned aspects in mind. We’re very excited to have partnered with Neolith to present the inaugural Object award at the 2017 INDE.Awards.


Ross Gardam’s Ora desk lamp is the result of a desire for purity and honesty in both materials and manufacturing


Rakumba designer Dan Treacy seeks to explore the raw geometric intrigue of Pyrite’s crystalline form, with ‘Pylite’, a module based luminare system


A circular motif is used throughout Ross Gardam’s Polar lamp, which utilises a unique magnetically attached arm to allow the disc to rotate


Dowel Jones was initiated by Samantha Eades Design in early 2016 to produce a range of chairs exclusively for Grill’d Restaurants


The architectural heritage of Sydney’s coast finds expression in the Greenway family of lighting, designed by Alex Fitzpatrick


Blackandwhite Creative’s Marlu furniture range, designed by indigenous artist Nicole Monks, is designed as a conversion about Aboriginal design, its importance to Australia and to all of us as part of this land


The highly versatile Gelava Chairs designed by Ross Didier are sculpted in form and structurally engineered with precision