‘Inka’ by Biliani from Café Culture

Billiani widens its product range and launches INKA, a diverse and distinct system of upholstered seating

After decades of industrial tradition in woodworking, Billiani now offers upholstered furniture characterized by the same values: aesthetic elegance, high quality finishes, ergonomic comfort, functionality and durability.

Inka is the result of the collaboration between Billiani and architect Roberto Romanello. The worldwide launch of Inka moves the focal point of the Billiani catalogue towards versatile solutions for the contract sector.

The new Billiani catalogue will be extremely ample and include diverse types of seating, satisfying every kind of functional requirement in public spaces, offices, restaurants and hotels. Inka will include 39 new designs with a range of structural materials and coverings offering an unprecedented versatility for discerning interior designers and architects.

Exclusive to Café Culture.