Introducing Mr Perswall

35-year-old Australian company, Radford Furnishings, specialises in the supply and distribution of fine furnishing fabrics, wallpapers, floor rugs, cushions, furniture and related products. We take a look at some of their stand-out brands.


Mr Perswall (the name is derived from ‘personal wall’) is a brand that offers imagination to the masses, creating a clever collection of digital images that cover everything imaginable for your walls, including: textural depth, surface alternatives and large scale 3d digital photography. Mr Perswall offers you the designer, or you the armature DIY-er the opportunity to realise your own personal designs. Be part of the creation!


The solution based system works on the basis that nearly anything is possible with a little help from a super sized digital printer, some very clever technology and a creative team, of photographers and graphic designers.

Based out of Sweden Mr Perswall has its finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to Scandinavian design trends, something highly appreciated in Australia. Digital innovation at its finest.

Radford Furnishings