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JukeCase – Music is Everything

Meet Vincent Corneille. He is the creator of designer music brand JukeCase – a collection of vintage cases that come custom fitted with vintage speakers.

Two years ago Vincent Corneille was working as a Cancer Researcher. Logical and scientific, he took his work very seriously. Though he was a fan of progressive house, soul music and funk, he never guessed he would end up running a fully-fledged design business, selling bespoke stereos.

What happened over the last two years was a satisfying accident. Marrying his research science background with a love of sharing music, JukeCase was born.

Now Corneille has burgeoning design company that hails from Fitzroy in Melbourne. From his studio he creates one-off stereos inside housed in vintage suitcases. The little portable units range in size, colour and patina and can be easily hooked up to an iPod or alternative sound input. 

Recently displaying their wares at Finders Keepers markets in Sydney JukeCase has been a run away success since mid 2012.

“One day I walked through the Fitzroy gardens with a prototype JukeCase playing in my hand and I looked across the park to see all these smiles on the faces of the people near by me. Suddenly I realized something important: portable music is social.,” says JukeCase founder Vincent Corneille.

Following that light bulb moment, Corneille started developing new prototypes.

“I have grown up around my Dad’s speaker projects that he likes to build as a hobby. I have watched him assemble 1-tonne concrete cast speakers and electrostatic ribbon speakers from scratch. He helped me make my first pair of speakers when I was younger just using an old desk that we were going to throw out,” he explains earnestly.


Continuing with the tradition of up cycling, Vincent now sources vintage speaker parts and old retro cases for his canny assemblages.

“The speakers are all vintage and we source them from a variety of different places and people. Fortunately we have met some private collectors who have twenty years worth of stuff they want to sell. Brands-wise there are some great Australian manufactures from the 50’s and 60’s such as Magnavox, Plessey and Lorrantz that we love to use – they have this warm sound and a unique cork-trimmed facade. We also try and get our hands on vintage Japanese Hi-Fi such as Coral, Pioneer and Fostex,” Corneille says.

Bringing business partner Rubin Utama on board last year was another important step for the business.

“Rubin has always been a big fan of music and has tinkered with things his whole life. I would say he is a bit of a Macguyver-type person, who isn’t afraid of pushing the boundaries,” Corneille adds.

The main way the duo have found to push boundaries is through sound quality.

“We have high standards. We spend a lot of time refining the sound of each case and trying to optimise a full-range of audio from deep and solid bass, up to defined and crisp high notes.