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Julie Patterson for Designer Rugs

‘Remixed’, born of the collaboration between Julie Patterson and Designer Rugs, expands on old favourites to create a new but familiar range of rugs.

Eschewing the endless quest for the ‘new’, Julie Patterson has cast her gaze backwards and reconsidered some of her best rug designs from the past five years to create ‘Remixed’.

Working with four original designs and splicing them with some of Cloth’s fabric motifs she has tinkered with the palette and layout to re-imagine old favourites and present them in a fresh light. This transition between formats itself proved a powerful stimulus, as Patterson says, “when I did my first collection I… was thinking in terms of my screen printing table and repeat printing and you know it is going to get cut into curtains or even smaller, but to isolate a section and turn it into a big piece that will go on the floor, not even on the wall, is quite a significant shift of headspace.”

‘Stuffed Olive’ is an adaptation of the popular fabric by the same name with accentuated colours and layered, almost cubist composition.


“The banksia motif was from the first collection, it’s a design that I have used over over again… I now think if I could re-design
a rug knowing what I now know this is how I’d do it. So I got the chance to do it again, that’s why its in the collection.”


“The island palm is a brand new fabric design that is very strong and very simple and I was desperate to get into a rug.”

Patterson draws her inspiration from Australia’s unique and dramatic natural landscapes and launched Cloth in 1995 with a focus on small-scale, hand-crafted production with a preference for natural fibers and attention to environmental impact.

The ‘Remixed’ collection is available exclusively through Designer Rugs.