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Kaba Digital Locks

Safe and easy, the Kaba Residential Digital Lock is modern, stylish and packed with security features guaranteed to let you sleep easy.

Security can be concerning, not just because we worry about whether we have enough of it, but also because often to feel secure requires so much effort that the whole process becomes a nightmare.

Luckily Kaba’s new EF680DW Residential Digital Door Lock offers an easy, all-inclusive solution to your security-woes.

Part of Kaba’s Digital Lock range, the EF680DW does away with keys in favour of proximity cards, a pin number or even a remote control. The mortice locking mechanism is fully automated and runs on internal batteries (don’t worry, the lovely voice guide in the lock lets you know when the batteries are low), so all you have to do is turn the handle.

The digital touchpad is conveniently illuminated, making getting in at night a breeze, and in the event that you can’t track down all your proximity cards a simple function resets the system and lets you start afresh.

On the inside of the lock a switch lets you easily change between locked and open modes, and other features include emergency key override, wrong PIN lockout and two-hour fire resistance, so no matter what happens you know you’re home is secure.

The Lock itself has a reassuring solidity without feeling like a brick, and is available in sleek black or white colour options.

For more information visit the Kaba website.