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Let’s Talk About Lema

Rogerseller extends their home offerings with the addition of several new timeless pieces from the Italian furniture company, Lema.

Rogerseller’s addition of these core furniture pieces to their existing Lema collection continues to embrace a dedication to quality combined with refined aesthetics.

French designer Christophe Pillet has designed for architecture, interiors, products, and furniture, bringing his passion for innovation to each project. Over the last two years, he has introduced his versatile design approach to Lema, working to produce the sublime Mansion Coffee Table and the classic Long Island Sideboard.

Rogerseller - Mansion - Edel Habitus Living

The Mansion Coffee Table is a striking centrepiece forged from bronzed metal with a raised lip around the edges and a rich slab of thermo-treated oak nestled over a portion of the surface, which can be slid across the entire surface. These dual levels create an intriguing three-dimensional effect where the layers intersect and draw the eye.

Rogerseller - Long Island - Edel Habitus Living

Pillet’s Long Island Sideboard is French-inspired, and melds bronzed metal and thermo-treated oak with sleek marble, making the most of the interplay of natural and man-made materials. Contrasting colours are highlighted by the differing textures of metal, wood, and stone, with the glazed metal side panels creating unexpected light effects.

Lema’s collaboration with fellow Italian designer Roberto Lazzeroni has produced the Felix armchair and the Mr. Zheng tables. Inspired by history and the sentimental, Lazzeroni’s work with Lema incorporates his signature timeless aesthetic that has resulted in these elegant and understated pieces.

Rogerseller - Felix - Edel Habitus Living

The contours of the Felix Armchair are its most distinctive features, with the armchair possessing a curved backrest enclosing the seat to encourage relaxation and rest. Its stitching and seams emphasise the continuous curve of the armchair, lending it a subtle sophistication.

Rogerseller - Zheng - Edel Habitus Living

Inspired by the Far East, the Mr. Zheng tables feature a symmetrical bamboo effect of straight lines intersecting for the base, creating a woven impression. Available in two sizes, the tables juxtapose lacquered wood tops with the bronzed metal rods of the base.

Rogerseller - Lema - Edel Habitus Living

For the Edel king bed, Lema’s in-house design team, Officinadesign Lema, took charge and designed the bed with a graceful curved headboard and timeless bed frame that suggests a floating-effect. Along with the plush appearance of the headboard, Edel suggests a dream-like state and invites rest and comfort.

These pieces add another dimension to Rogerseller’s home offerings – embodying Lema and Rogerseller’s commitment to quality furniture and original designs that stand the test of time.


Rogerseller - Long Island - Edel Habitus Living

Rogerseller - Lema - Edel Habitus Living

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