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MIITO – a green alternative to the electric kettle

MIITO is a sustainable answer to the problem of the modern electric kettle that heats one’s beverage directly, avoiding the heating of excess liquid.

The traditional electric kettle is a hugely inefficient item. If the energy from one day of use across the UK were saved, it would be enough to light all the streetlights in London for a night. It was this kind of information that drove European designers Nils Chudy and Jasmina Grase to come up with the MIITO.

The MIITO is an innovative product that heats liquids directly in the vessel of the user, avoiding the long wait times and wasted energy of heating excess liquid in a traditional kettle. Today’s society asks for simple and practical products where sustainability comes first. MIITO is an answer to this.

Funded through a Kickstarter campaign in May 2015 the team behind collected their goal 150k in a mere 38 hours. 30 Days later, and the team had secured 818k – giving a chance to start manufacturing.

To use MIITO, one simply fills a cup with water, places it onto the induction base and immerses the rod in the liquid. MIITO has the option to set the temperature to one’s liking, ensuring delicate green and Oolong teas are heated to the right level. The induction base heats the rod, which in turns heats the liquid surrounding it. This is achieved with modern induction technology; wirelessly transfer heat and treating the base as an electromagnetic field generator.

MIITO works with vessels of any size, and isn’t limited to water; it can heat milk for coffee, and even bowls of soup and baby food. The device is designed to completely replace any traditional kettle.

It’s no wonder the design secured the coveted James Dyson Award in 2014. “Young inventors should design to solve a problem, and do so through lean engineering,” says James Dyson. “Developing technology that is not only functional, but energy efficient too. MIITO is a clever design that demonstrates both.”

MIITO is currently available for pre-order, with estimated delivery time being November 2016.