Mind Becomes Matter Collection by Tretford Custom Rugs.

Mind Becomes Matter Collection by Tretford Custom Rugs.

Gibbon Group have released their first collection of designs for Tretford Custom Rugs “Mind Becomes Matter”. Manufactured from Tretford goat hair carpet, the product has been well established and much loved in the Australian design community for nearly 20 years.

“Mind Becomes Matter” are the new made-to-order designs and the choice can be as simple as choosing your specific Tretford colours in the Collection’s standard sizes – or you can use these designs as a starting point when creating your own custom rug.


Using Tretford carpet as the material for construction allows for flexible design and potentially unlimited dimension in a space which can take it well beyond the standard rug format. With its unique fusion bonded construction, the Tretford Custom Rug can be cut to any shape and won’t fray or unravel – assembled without the need for binding on the edges.


Gibbon Group have a consultant available to solve any design questions. We are also looking for designers to contribute to the Collection, which will result in the creation of an impressive design repository.


This is an exciting development for Tretford Custom Rugs and already there are inspiring designs from talented designers who have collaborated with Gibbon Group to expand this collection.

Gibbon Group