IDI Zero5 Ski Helmet

IDI get us ready to hit the slopes this winter with their new ski helmet design.

It’s getting cold in some parts of the Region, which means one thing: snow. So to get you in the mood for a little bit of downhill fun, we thought we’d show you this beautiful helmet from Vinaccia Integral Design.


The helmet features “a combination of retro and futuristic design”, which includes an incredibly technical combination of materials that’s best explained as a wire mesh on top of goretex – allowing heat and steam to escape but keeping water out.


The integrated visor has also been given and anti-fog treatment (borrowed from motorcycle helmets).


Its sporty good looks are matched by it safety features; made with materials expanded to double thickness and with a structure that distributes and dissipates impact energy.

The helmet comes in 4 colours: gold, silver, pearl and black. It looks like you’ll be skiing in style this winter!