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Nature is better than plastic

Nature is better than plastic

It is well known that natural timber has many natural benefits. However, in many timber products these natural benefits are not fully harnessed. Until now.

Mafi timber is the world leader in natural wide-plank timber flooring. Mafi understand that wood can only display its positive features when it is treated and used in the most natural way. With a tick from the National Asthma Council of Australia, Mafi are quickly becoming Australia’s go to natural timber flooring choice. The many health benefits of mafi timber are attributed to the natural characteristics of wood, the all-natural oil finish, as well as the chemical free adhesives used in production.


Mafi floors are antibacterial, regulate humidity, filter the air of harmful dust and bacteria, and are completely chemical free helping to alleviate the effects of asthma and allergies. Timber is known to have hygienic properties that synthetic materials lack. A low thermal conductivity, the ability filter odours, smoke and radiation rays are just a few of the benefits of natural wood.


Mafi timber is high in elasticity, which helps to prevent joint problems, foot complaints and quickly tiring muscles. It also prevents slips and falls as mafi flooring has a matte surface and non-slip natural oil finish. Mafi is also anti-static, and incredibly easy to clean and maintain.


There is no denying this product surpasses its competitors. Whilst being the sensitive choice, it is also hardwearing, robust and the perfect floor for any home, wellness or medical centre.