Neolith: Made for the Outdoors

CDK Stone is the Australian supplier of Neolith, a surface that marries the maintenance and safety advantages of solid surfacing with the beauty of natural stone. Because of its natural finishes, it’s a material that blends well with the outdoors, making it an ideal solution for your next exterior project. Here, we sit down with CDK Stone’s Paul Baumanis to chat about the benefits of using Neolith as a surface solution.


Can you please explain why Neolith is suited to outdoor application?

Neolith is the perfect choice for outdoor usage. Not only is it waterproof, it is resistant to freezing and most importantly for Australia, it is UV resistant so it will not fade over time and retain it’s original look and texture. Available in thinner than standard sheets makes it light weight so it is suitable for all forms of cladding

Can you please talk about some project examples of where Neolith has been used outdoors?

CDK Stone’s Cecelia Jenkins with Kate Walker Design in Hawthorn. 2-3 sheets of Neolith Estatuario E04 were book-matched to create a mirror image finish.

To help paint a picture of how Neolith can be used in the outdoors, can you please give us some examples of what products are used best with Neolith? 

Neolith’s resistance to wear and tear, high traffic, UV, water and other environmental factors makes it the perfect choice for outdoor areas. From BBQ surrounds where it is resistant to heat and ease of use when cleaning makes Neolith the perfect choice. All these feature with the benefit of a huge range of colours and finishes gives you the freedom to match or contrast any area, whether indoors or out.

What are the benefits of using Neolith in the outdoors from a design perspective? How does it look?

From a design perspective, Neolith’s advantages are it is light weight making it easier to work with. It is easy to install because of the range of sizes that can be cut to suit any application. In addition to the points above, being resistant to almost all environmental factors, it has the benefit of being resistant to warping meaning it will not buckle over time.