Neon Wood

Neon and Wood unite in a vibrant collaboration between two New Zealand design forces, David Moreland and World. By Hayley Davis.

From the inaugural collaboration between David Moreland and whimsical fashion label World comes Neon Wood: a series of shelves to be configured as desired. In accordance with colour specifications provided by World (synonymous with their clothing ranges) morsels of fluorescent green and orange find their place bridging corners of naturally uncoloured or gloss black solid American white oak.


For these pieces, David Moreland makes use of traditional cabinet making techniques such as half lap joint, bored and plugged screws and 45 degree angled supports for triangulation. Perspex surfaces are cut using a computerised CNC router, and corners and faces are flame-polished. These shelf plates can be removed and repositioned to reorient the shelving units, creating either a sideboard or tall self. 


“To play with the graphic constructs as well as the functionality of home and office furniture has been a dream of WORLD’s. Being able to give David Moreland’s sleek and modern designs a feeling of WORLD’s character has been nothing but fun. Neon Wood as a piece of furniture not only has the beauty and strictness of contemporary architectural shapes but also a refreshing personality of its own that is humorous, pedantic, and nostalgic…much like its creators.” Benny Castles / WORLD



David Moreland