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When Anna-Carin Manifests The Runes In Rugs

The Norse Collection Anna-Carin Design Designer Rugs

The Norse Collection, four recently launched rug designs by Anna-Carin for Designer Rugs were inspired by the first system of writing developed by the Norsemen.

Known to revisit her past when designing, Anna-Carin’s second collaboration with Designer Rugs was influenced by the runes. The runes are an ancient alphabet that originated in Germanic and Scandinavian countries and were depicted as an ideographic or pictographic symbol of cosmological powers. This meant that to write a rune, was to invoke and direct the force for which it stood.

Growing up on a small farm in the south of Sweden, Anna-Carin’s extensive design work reflects the quality, elegance and details of Swedish design, drawing on the earthy warmth of her rural heritage. Not only does this mean that her design philosophy revolves around simplicity, functionality and sustainability, but it also emphasises and celebrates her past.

The Norse Collection Anna-Carin Design Designer Rugs

The Othala: The rune of ancestral land; hearth, home and family unity.

The Norse Collection consists of four rugs that hold a special meaning and belief. With colours that are found in nature, each rug invokes a different cosmological force; The Berkano reflects the rune of the great mother or the earth goddess, the Fehu represents the rune of wealth, the Isa derives from the rune of ice or respite, and the Othala indicates the rune of ancestral land and family unity. Thus, placing these rugs in any residence means to summon the energy that it represents.

Each rug has been hand-knotted in Nepal using 100 per cent pure wool and is available at Designer Rugs in two different sizes 240 x 300cm and 300 x 400 cm.

Anna Carin Design

Designer Rugs

The Norse Collection Anna-Carin Design Designer Rugs

The Isa: The rune of ice or respite.

The Norse Collection Anna-Carin Design Designer Rugs

The Fehu: The rune of wealth.

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