Not Just For Cooking


The heart of the home, the kitchen has made its way into the centre of our lives. Food preparation and consumption is not just a function, but a complex social activity. And Blum knows the best way to invoke these personalised, and particular ways of living.

Kitchens have to prove themselves during everyday activities for up to 20 years; a well equipped kitchen can lesson the work load and support kitchen users in their daily tasks. That’s why it pays to carefully consider your personal shopping, cooking and storage requirements and how you will use your kitchen day-to-day. It’s too late to change a kitchen once it has been installed. Blum wants to help ensure practicality is addressed during the planning process, not after.


Good workflows, enough storage space and top quality motion. For Blum, this means: workflow, space and motion – the three essential features of a practical kitchen.


We call our ideas for practical kitchen ‘Dynamic Space’. Following these principles will help ensure comfort and enjoyment of your new kitchen well into the future.