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Inspiration And Artistry From Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy

Inspiration And Artistry From Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy

In collaboration with leading Australian rug company, Designer Rugs, Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy of Dinosaur Designs, unveil the new artistic Olsen + Ormandy rug collection.

Behind the remarkable powerhouse are creative forces, Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy – the dynamic duo that have built up Dinosaur Designs to become a signature brand within the Australian design scene. Known for their captivating jewellery and resin collections, the studio constantly pushes the boundaries of creativity – creating an endlessly evolving kaleidoscope of unique organic forms, vibrant colours and a visual language that is distinct to Louise and Stephen’s artistic talents.

With a longstanding love of exploring the unexpected, Louise and Stephen have reimagined the ways in which we perceive art through materiality and craft. In 2020, their partnership with Designer Rugs does no less.

Leading Australian rug company, Designer Rugs have unveiled the new artistic rug collection, ‘Olsen + Ormandy’ by Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy. Each design has been drawn from the designers’ own inspiration; Louise’s influence from the transitional and free-flowing characteristics of nature paired with Stephen’s ingenuity of the subconscious mind. By combining these with the craftsmanship from Designer Rugs, the result is a harmonious collection of six specially-designed luxurious hand knotted Tibetan wool and silk rugs.

“I’ve been inspired by the infinite possibilities in nature: seeds sprout, spores spread, plants grow and forests come into existence and continue to develop,” says Louise. “Watching this is an endless source of inspiration.”

Available exclusively through Designer Rugs, the Olsen + Ormandy rug collection is sumptuous and diversely versatile. Each one comes in a standard size of 240 x 300cm, with an option for custom-tailoring to suit any space.

“My work is born of the subconscious mind,” says Stephen. “I’m looking for vibration and rhythm, the play of line creating positive and negative space, searching for tonal balance through contrast or harmony, while developing chroma relationships that hug or repel.”

The Olsen + Ormandy rug collection is a range that explores the depths of creativity, the artful soul and the renowned design style of Louise and Stephen’s minds. Each piece is a testament to the designers’ continuing passion to portray the endless possibilities of our imagination and their distinct sense of artistic brilliance within our growing design landscape.

Dinosaur Designs

Designer Rugs

Photography by Anson Smart

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