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The Outstanding Design and Functionality of the ILVE OV80 Built-In Ove...

The Outstanding Design and Functionality of the ILVE OV80 Built-In Oven

Extending ILVE’s Professional Plus series, the sleek ILVE OV80 combines innovative technology and luxurious design to offer a unique, professionally-inspired home cooking experience.

Whether you are a professional or aspiring home cook, you want the experience of creating food in the comfort of your kitchens to be enjoyable, efficient and exciting. The foundation of ILVE has always been focused on innovation, pushing new technology to elevate their appliances and, in turn, the kitchens of home cooks. The new ILVE OV80 extends ILVE’s Professional Plus series — this built-in oven is packed with precise features, making cooking at home an outstanding experience for all of us.

The built-in ovens from ILVE’s Professional Plus series — including the new ILVE OV80 — offer the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that style and power are included in the home cooking experience. ILVE’s distinct innovation is evident in the way they incorporate elements from professional kitchens into their appliances — taking inspiration from function to materiality, the Professional Plus series ovens have the elegance of a luxury appliance but the performance of a professional kitchen.

The use of materials, such as AISI 304 stainless steel, brass and copper in the ILVE OV80 give it unmatched quality and durability. Crafted in Italy, this oven takes on the iconic commercial design and Milano styling of ILVE’s products, making it an appliance with character. With a black glass exterior and clean lines, the oven has an extremely sleek look, making the built-in ILVE OV80 a truly sophisticated appliance that will seamlessly integrate into any kitchen.

In addition to the smooth, elegant design of the ILVE OV80, are its innovative features and intuitive technology that make the built-in oven distinctive in its functionality and performance. Incorporating the new Steam Valve, the ILVE OV80 offers the possibility of choosing between dry or humid cooking. Humidity has a profound effect on the way food cooks, with traditional ovens not equipped with the capability to control this. With ILVE’s innovative technology, it is now possible to choose the preferred humidity for your method of cooking — whether it be for baking crispy bread or a tender, juicy roast. This unique feature diversifies cooking, allowing you to cook multiple dishes to perfection using the same appliance.

A highlight of the extended Professional Plus series is its 4.3 inch TFT touch control display. With the touch and sliding movement controls, intuitive design and vibrant graphics, the TFT has a logical operation that is easy to use. This display permits precise control of oven temperature and quantity of moisture inside the cooking cavity. The ILVE OV80 built-in oven also consists of the standard ILVE range of features, including the electric rotisserie, precision thermostatic control, concealed grill element, programmable timer, turbo wave cooking feature and digital food monitor. With the multiplicity in function and diversity of cooking options, the ILVE OV80 proves to be a unique appliance that is luxurious in its aesthetics and performance.

The innovation and extension of the Professional Plus built-in oven series is reflective of ILVE’s vision to improve the experience of home cooking. With over 60 years of heritage, the ILVE brand has been dedicated to bringing its unique brand of Italian craftsmanship to the passionate home and professional cooks of Australia.