Overhead Cabinet Solutions


Give yourself easy access and uninterrupted workflow

Achieve easy access and better workflows with AVENTOS overhead lift systems rather than left or right opening cupboard doors. Imagine that you are emptying glasses from the dishwasher and putting them away into the wall cabinet. With AVENTOS, the front moves up and away from the work area. The lift system remains in position once you let go. Both hands are free and you have optimal access to the cabinet interior. No more ducking and weaving around your wall cabinet cupboard doors when emptying the dishwasher.


AVENTOS is the idea solution for any wall cabinet. Whether it is used in the kitchen or living area, whether there is lots of space available or only a little and whether it is used with small or large fronts, one thing never changes: the supreme ease of motion. Thanks to integrated BLUMOTION, lift systems always close silently and effortlessly. Combined with SERVO-DRIVE, lift systems open with a light touch and close automatically with a press of a button. In addition to their proven stability and elegant design AVENTOS lift systems offer a complete solution for all-round high level movement.