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‘Porcelana Innovadora’ from Earp Bros

‘Porcelana Innovadora’ (Innovative Porcelain) is an audiovisual sculptural installation created by Kit Webster and Chiara Kickdrum for Earp Bros.

The work, a wall-mounted multi-faceted piece, comprises multiple layers of six different types of 3D ceramic tiles from the Earp Bros range.

The sculpture is illuminated by projections of complex light designs and patterns that oscillate and shift over the tiles, further enhancing their overall dimensionality and relief. The sound complements the complexity of the sculpture and vision, creating a mesmerising futuristic atmosphere.

Conceptually the work demonstrates advancements in tile manufacturing while highlighting the design of the tiles, producing an engaging and dynamic artwork. 

With the intricate design, video animation and sound, the artists wanted to create a sense of mystery; there are subtle references to the wall art of ancient cultures such as that of Aztecs, yet the work hints at something new and undiscovered.

Created exclusively for Earp Bros’ exhibition at Saturday in Design, Porcelana Innovadora will be long remembered by those who saw it. For those who didn’t – watch this space…

Seven Spanish tiles were used to create the artwork: Prisma Nacar, Sea Silver, Madison Plata, Oxo Mosaico Blanco, Diamonds, Pearls White and Pearls Dark, all available from Earp Bros – Innovative Tile Solutions.


Earp Bros

Kit Webster
Chiara Kickdrum



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