Remarkably Different, Remarkably Markian

Emily Sutton

Brisbane-based furniture and accessories brand Markian invites you to look at the world a little differently.

With a deep love for craft, design excellence and meaningful relationships, Markian values a sense of individuality above all. The Markian way of life is defined by exceptional detail and refined artistry through a curated range of unique furniture pieces, rugs, fine art and design accessories.

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A joint venture between two families, the Australian-born brand is deeply influenced by its decade’s worth of professional experience, industry knowledge and an undying passion for beautiful living. Founders, Andrew and Justin Barrett lead the way with over 50 years experience in commercial interiors as the heads of the Barrett Group, an interior fit-out and bespoke joinery manufacturer. The other founders Roz de Waal and Christopher McKenzie lead Markian with their creative direction and design aesthetic, also founders of Unlmtd Design Agency and Armour Atelier, Chris and Roz have been pushing brands, spaces and projects to their limits for some time now. Named after their fathers, Mark de Wall and Ian Barrett, Markian’s legacy is deeply embedded into the DNA of every piece crafted under the brand.

In addition to Roz’s impressive design repertoire, the Brisbane-based creative has recently been announced as a finalist in this year’s Vibrant Visions in Design (VIVID) competition. VIVID is one of Australia’s longest-running design competitions, marking its 18th anniversary in 2021. Highly regarded as the premier awards destination for emerging Australian designers, this annual competition shines a spotlight on the new wave of thinkers and innovators in the landscapes of furniture, lighting and object design.

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Roz has been awarded nine finalist spots under the Furniture Design, Concept Design and Colour Design categories. A testament to her creative ingenuity and passion for challenging the status quo, Roz brings an exemplary amount of expertise to Markian and beyond.

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Together, the Markian team brings a refreshed perspective and inimitable authenticity to the world of interiors. Influenced by timeless elegance and artful design that seeks to push boundaries of creativity, Markian will always be inspiring and remarkably different.


The VIEIRA range is the brand’s inaugural collection, which explores the concept of invisible threads and strands that connect us across time and our environments. Inspired by travel and the experiences within, VIEIRA, meaning scallop in Spanish, is intricate and perfectly imperfect. The range of bespoke furniture, rugs, objects and fine art draw their forms from nature’s linearity and their colours from the hues of native flowers from Australia and South Africa. With nine colourways and a range of creative, tactile materials, each VIEIRA piece inspires waves of déjà vu, reminiscent of organic beauty.

Unique to Markian is the Marblo by Markian material. Marblo by Markian represents the brand’s belief in endless design possibilities through alternative, sustainable materials. A notable feat in challenging familiar materials, this solid surface is a result of Markian’s innovative production process and daring spirit. Featuring nine colourways and a variety of options, Marblo by Markian is unlike any other.

As Roz passionately describes Marblo by Markian: “If solid surface was ice-cream, we have designed a new flavour – La Macelleria style (my favourite Brisbane Gelateria) with quality ingredients, great Aussie manufacturing and pure innovation.”

Ray Low

The Ray Low table is the perfect example of the intersection of delicacy with functionality. Shell-like in form but refined in finish, Ray is embodied by a perfect semi-circle mirrored with elegant fluted edges. Cleverly obscuring a deeply functional creative intention, the smoothly finished tabletop becomes a lid, revealing ample storage space inside the table. Additionally, the Marblo by Markian insert tray is a beautiful detachable detail.


The Ferdinand club chair is a stylish option for a wide range of occasional and commercial spaces. The colourful piece – available in eighteen different options – blends old world charm with modern materiality. Finished with a curvilinear timber veneer shell in the VIEIRA scallop shape, Ferdinand features a luxurious leather seat base, and customisable fabric across the padded backrest. Offering superb functionality and a debonair design, Ferdinand is equipped with a long Marblo by Markian blade that glides seamlessly into the back of the chair. And it’s multi-functional in that it can be used as a side table or removed to create a base for anything from a grazing platter to a laptop stand.

Interior Objects

In collaboration with an exceptional mix of Australian artists, Markian has developed a range of luxurious linens, an artisanal fragrance and textural tableware. Imbued with a sense of understated grandeur and natural elegance, these pieces are characteristic of the exceptional quality Markian offers.

In collaboration with Julie Smeros, Markian introduces an exquisite range of porcelain tableware, perfectly designed to complement the linen tablecloths and serviettes, creating an elegant dining experience. To complete the experience is the brand’s premier fragrance, 1957. This intricate fragrance pays homage to 1950s glamour and unexpected surprises with a scent that is both rich and refreshing. Featuring notes of Australian Blue Gum, Pomelo, Diva Cucumber and a touch of French Lavender, 1957 has been meticulously refined to create an unforgettable experience.

As lovers of fine art, Markian proudly presents a collection of artworks by a range of exceptional Australian artists. The extraordinary collection features pieces such as Roman Longinnou’s large-scale photographic montage series, ‘The Materialisms,’ Caroline Collom’s captivating abstract pieces, and Jessi Wong’s series of contemporary interpretations of Chinese scroll paintings.

Bringing the VIERA collection right down to the smallest scale, these collaborations showcase the versatility of Markian’s creative aspirations.

Handmade Rugs

Adding to the extensive portfolio of design accessories is a collaboration with Designer Rugs. In partnership with the pioneering brand of handmade rugs, the duo presents Mies and Marcel: two hand-tufted vibrant rugs inspired by the original Vieira range and Ray table. Made in Malaysia, this collection showcases carved New Zealand wool detailing, coral-cut pile and a blend of 75 per cent New Zealand wool and 25 per cent wool.

The handcrafted Tretford Range is a collection that is modern, luxurious and intriguing all at once. Inspired by fluid shapes and sculptural curves of Vieira and Ray collections, the rugs have six shapes and nine colourways to suit any interior style. More than meets the eye, the Tretford range also actively reduces airborne dust and allergens, achieved through a rigorous construction process, making it an exceptional touch for your living space.

Step into the Markian world.