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Ritzwell: Good for the soul

Ritzwell: Good for the soul

Founded by Tashiaki Miyamoto in the Japanese city of Fukuoka exactly three decades ago, Ritzwell’s mindful design ethos couldn’t be any more relevant, universal or needed.

Since the brand’s genesis on the northern shore of Kyushu Island, Ritzwell has been bringing a sense of balance and wellbeing into the world of furniture design. The brand’s profound mission to produce highly resolved objects that live and age alongside their users, creating a welcoming space for recovery amongst the stress of modern-day living, makes Ritzwell’s refined, beautifully crafted and functional designs incredibly wholesome.

The unique philosophy that sets the contemporary Japanese furniture manufacturer apart is deeply rooted in the iconic Japanese aesthetic, culture and design principles, aptly expressing a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity through the perfectly executed simplicity of form each creation exhibits.

The wonderful tradition that’s present in Ritzwell’s design language is also expressed through meticulous craftsmanship. Using only the highest quality materials, these precious objects are underpinned by the notion of nurturing comfort, and manufactured to truly preserve the memory of artisanship instilled in each of them. This subtle yet enduring connection between the craftsperson and end user accentuates the multidimensionality of the furniture, additionally heightened by the role of time in the lifespan of every product – Ritzwell designs them to acquire acquire furbi, “patina of time” in Japanese, becoming more unique as time goes by.

The latest additions to Ritzwell’s collection – available in Australia through Stylecraft – are a timely expression of this soulful approach. The perfectly calibrated Leewise Sofa is one of them. Designed by Junichiro Watanabe and Ritzwell, this modular piece is an elegant nod to the way people in Japan sit, however the contemporary, low seat sofa sees the traditional “tatami” matt replaced with the comfort of large cushions placed atop a solid ash wooden frame.

The welcoming softness of oversized cushions is juxtaposed by the pronounced lines of the backrest and armrest. Their minimalistic yet striking grid is an engaging stylistic detail, and further augments the comfort of the structure as it embraces the sense of serenity evoked by the enticing formation of the cushions.

Leaning into this alluring design language informed by the potential of wood, MO Dining Table and MT Table by Shinsaku Miyamoto explore the calming texture and visual quality of timber.

The new dining table in the MO Table line-up brings a more determined edge to the collection’s dining offering. Joining the existing model with a round top, the sophisticated MO Dining Table features a large rectangular surface and has been designed to work as well in a dining room, a meeting space and an exclusive hospitality space.

The elegant piece boasts a refined profile, which has been made entirely in solid wood, with the delicately rounded edges that contribute to the sense of softness, distinguishing both this design and the entire MO collection. Further amplifying the gentleness of the silhouette, the top is supported by round-section legs which – due to their diagonal placement – accentuate the dynamic character of the design.

While MO Dining Table evokes a notion of soft dynamism, MT Table is defined by the elusive contrast between a robust solid wood top and inconspicuous metal legs. Here, too, the rounded edges transform an otherwise stringent contour into a warm and inviting design piece, making it the perfect match for contemporary and traditional seating choices.  

This discreet juxtaposition of materials generates a versatile design, whose smooth surface is bound to invite a tactile response – whether it’s positioned in a cosy living room, or a restaurant dining room. Its adaptable profile is also enhanced by the broad selection of sizes and colours both the structure and the top are available in.  

In addition, both tables are now available in a new matt black and taupe grey finish which emphasises not only the materiality of these carefully orchestrated pieces, but also their unostentatious, universal appeal.

The discerning 2021 releases reinforce Ritzwell’s position as one of the leading contemporary Japanese furniture manufacturers and highlight the brand’s unique point of view on the transformative potential of furniture design to improve the human condition. Their honest pieces are now available with Stylecraft, and their restorative and sensory forms can be experienced at the Melbourne and Sydney StylecraftHOME showrooms.