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Rogerseller’s new range is about Wellbeing

Rogerseller’s new new entire home living solutions reflect the way our home’s central rooms have changed – bathrooms a place of wellbeing and kitchens for socialising.


Habitus’ Kitchens & Bathroom special (on sale 5 March) has let us explore, in depth, these central rooms. What has struck us, is how much these two, once purely utilitarian spaces, have evolved. Bathrooms, especially across the Habitus region, are developing into sanctuaries of wellbeing in the home, and kitchens have reaffirmed themselves as social and familial hearths.

These changes reflect the increasing sanctity of time, both for ourselves and for our loved ones – so often compromised by fast-paced, technology-saturated lifestyles.

This ethos is at the core of Rogerseller’s new entire home living solutions. Their belief is that their products should be not just beautiful and functional, but that the process of selection and installation should be as easy and efficient as possible – ensuring their clients’ time is saved for what really matters.



As part of their expansion, a few months ago Rogerseller added the revolutionary Italian kitchen artisans, Valcucine, to their offering. The announcement of another new arrival from Italy – Lema – is just as progressive. Lema’s strong tradition of craftsmanship and attention to quality is reflected through its beautifully crafted wardrobes, living and furniture systems, and is completely customisable – allowing the individual to create a living environment that reflects their unique way of life.

This level of personalisation is part of what makes the growing Rogerseller family of brands stand out. Their commitment to looking at cultural changes and responding to what we value has led them to explore the true meaning of luxury. In what has been described as the ‘age of anxiety’, time is precious; it offers us perspective and allows us to appreciate. True luxury, as they discover, is often defined by being able to own your time.


Rogerseller has offered timeless, design-inspired products for bathroom for over a century, now Rogerseller expand into the entire home. It’s time to look again at Rogerseller.