Royal Doulton 1815 Collection

A new tableware and tapas collection just in time for the revival of Mexican cuisine.

Designed by: Royal Doulton

 Made by: Royal Doulton

 My Category: Accessories

 I am: Tableware

About me: With the current appeal of ‘back-to-basics’ hand-crafted products, Royal Doulton looked to its London heritage for design inspiration and has given the 1815 collection an artisan feel. The look has been achieved by involving a local Staffordshire potter who modelled all product prototypes on a potter’s wheel at the design stage. In addition, decorating techniques used in the original Doulton factory in Lambeth have been used to add personality to the range, including an impressed 1815 mark on each piece and colourful half-dipped glazes.

Materials: Practical porcelain tableware; vibrant sets of eight multi-coloured trays and bowls perfect for shared dishes such as sushi, tapas, mezze and Mexican; ceramic serving spoons, large serving dishes and pitchers.

Dimensions: Various