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Sa reimagines the form of the umbrella

With an innovative geometric design, the Sa umbrella redefines the structure and aesthetics of the umbrella, with improved efficiency and recyclability.

Doing away with the traditional skeleton structure of umbrellas, the Sa is the umbrella reimagined for modern life. Beyond the canopy design, the Sa also innovates with an environmentally aware material choice, and has a completely unique internalized handle mechanism and magnetic closure system.

Inspired by origami, The Sa uses planar tension to generate its form, with inner and outer canopies expanding and contracting in unison to open and close the umbrella. This design, apart from being aesthetically striking, also allows the umbrella to be lighter, doing away with the need for an inner metal skeleton. Furthermore, since the material is flexible, it can bounce back into shape, even in strong winds.

Due to the innovative design of the Sa, designers Justin Nagelberg and Matthew Waldman are able to produce the canopy exclusively out of one material. In addition to this, another nice feature of the umbrella is additional headroom under the canopy, since no metal structure takes up space for the user.

Beyond that, embedded magnets along the perimeter of the panels are installed in the design of the umbrella, allowing an effortless, consistently tight closure when not in use. When opening the umbrella, the magnets will naturally release themselves as the outward force increases.

The umbrella is the result of a successful kickstarter campaign in 2015.

Sa: The Umbrella Reimagined