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Siemens: Progress In The Service Of Mankind

Siemens: Progress In The Service Of Mankind

For years, homemakers around the world have turned to Siemens for constant, reliable support in the living space.

For most of us, what we want from our appliances is simple: reliable, fuss-free performance that delivers every time. Few understand this as well as Siemens, who have supported generations of homemakers around the world in their day-today cooking and living. As Roberto Finamore, Senior Brand & Communications Manager of Siemens and NEFF explains, “With Siemens products there are no unnecessary flourishes or design elements for their own sake. Excellent design works toward achieving outstanding functionality, not alongside it.”

True to its German roots, Siemens maintains a practical, pragmatic approach that draws heavily from the Bauhaus ethos of ‘form follows function’. “There is something delightfully functional about German design…” said Roberto, “If we talk about aesthetics from an objective point of view – the understated elements, the linear perfection, the preference for overall harmony over standout forms – these are all trademarks of German design you’ll clearly find in Siemens products.” This strong brand identity has won Siemens admirers around the world: look around any well-designed living space and a Siemens appliance is sure to be close at hand.

A large part of Siemens’ enduring universal appeal lies in its democratic spirit. At the core of Siemens’ mission is a desire to improve people’s lives in as many homes as possible by making cutting edge technology accessible to everyone. Siemens appliances never fail to serve their user in whatever task they are undertaking – whether this is cooking, cleaning, or entertaining – seamlessly bridging the gap between functionality and design while giving the user complete control. “The smart home is a development area that Siemens is making great strides in, and this will accelerate over the next several years,” said Roberto, “But the pursuit of automation and intelligent machinery has always been in the Siemens DNA.”

In keeping with this, Siemens harnesses intelligent, contemporary technology to simplify complex and time consuming tasks. Whether this might mean cooking the perfect roast in half the time, or even the possibility to remove odours from delicate items at home without washing, Siemens helps you fit more into your day by making the everyday easier.