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Klara Habitus Living

Klara is a Melbourne-based street and studio artist, combining painting, illustration, paste-ups, stencil, installation and more. For Klara, the more she delves into her practise, the more site-specific it becomes. We find out why.


How do you approach your projects? Do you find a site and see it as a potential place to work with, or do you have an idea and search for a space?

It can work both ways. The further I delve into my practice the more site-specific work I seem to be creating. I started putting my work on the streets, regardless of space or placement. So the process would begin with the work, then placement would follow. The more I did, the more I understood the relationship between work and the site. Now I prefer to be quite site specific, beginning with the site, it will scream an idea to me and I have to make it happen. Make it a reality. There’s always potential in any site, you just need to create or find it.

What interests you about art that is built into a landscape?

The relationship between site and work. There’s a romantic connection between the two that heavily resonates with me and hopefully the viewer also. I’m all about making ideas a reality, thoughts become things. To see a site and have intentions of developing on it and creating something new excites me. I can have these ideas or thoughts constantly, but actually making it happen interests me. Making my visions a reality.



Can you tell us a little bit about how the viewer plays into your art?

Depending on the work, the viewer can play a large or small role. Some messages are strong and I want them to be heard, some not so important, more personal even and to me the viewer doesn’t even come into it, I’m doing it for my own sake and sanity. So I guess it depends on the work and/or it’s message/concept.

What is most challenging about your kind of art and how do you combat that?

I love the challenge. I try to challenge myself with all my work. Whether through design, process and/or installation. Generally the logistical side of installation is the most challenging, but this is what I love, it’s so rewarding when you overcome the challenge.

What is most rewarding?

Apart from overcoming the challenge… All of it. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t find the whole process rewarding. The creative process, making an idea become a reality, overcoming challenges and logistics, whether small or large, messing up or making ‘happy’ mistakes, enjoying the final product/work. It all means so much to me, every part played.


Klara’s work will be showing at Melbourne Indesign – 22-23 August.


Curated and managed by Street Art Consultancy – Alleycat Creative


See me at   MelbourneIndesign_logo[1]


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