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Small spaces, big possibilities

Small spaces, big possibilities

Kaolin’s large-format tiles imbue compact spaces with a sense of seamless luxury and will make your room feel substantially bigger.

As the Australian housing profile evolves, maximising the design of a smaller home has become a necessity. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average site area of new houses in Australian capital cities has decreased by 13% (or 64 square metres) over the last ten years. Apartment living has also exploded, with 1,418,898 occupied residences in the country, as reported by the 2021 census, an increase of 108% over the previous 30 years.

Since the goal is to create the appearance of more space, selecting the appropriate tile for a smaller bathroom or any other compact space requires special consideration. But choosing the correct tiles involves more than simply their size; it also involves their colour, texture, placement, and the type of grout used.

Marrickville Project Ensuite Bathroom

Providing a compelling option for those searching for a large-format tile to complete a high-end look, Kaolin Tiles’ sustainable and precision-made porcelain surfaces deliver a seamless finish that makes the most of small-sized spaces.

Kaolin specialises in technically accurate tiles. They are expertly designed and engineered with the strictest tolerances, way beyond global standards. They also have a true 90-degree edge, unlike most manufacturers who give their tiles a slight bevel.

Marrickville Project Ensuite Bathroom

Kaolin is able to provide a product that is so precise that grout joints as small as 0.5mm can be used – above and beyond the industry’s best specifications and standards. They have eliminated water expansion issues in their tiles so grout joints can be virtually invisible. This feature, combined with the large-format of the tiles themselves (the Grand Calacatta Borghini tile), results in fewer seams throughout the floor or wall, making it easier to clean as well as giving the illusion that the interior is much larger than it actually is.

Marrickville Project Ensuite Bathroom

The benefits of Kaolin’s large-format tiles are on display in the Marrickville Project Ensuite Bathroom. The brushed brass furnishings chosen for the room blend beautifully with the warm colours and luxurious atmosphere of Grand Calacatta Borghini. This exquisite matte porcelain surface mimics one of the rarest and most expensive Italian Marble, making it the perfect choice for sustainability, easy maintenance, and stain resistance.

This small Marrickville ensuite was given a rich, opulent feel by the large-format porcelain panels, which were installed by Design Tiles Commercial. The seamless finish and the dramatic, continuous effect created by book matching these tiles creates a sense of drama while also eliminating grout joints in a wet area.

Marrickville Project Ensuite Bathroom

For the environmentally conscious, Kaolin has achieved Level-A GreenRate certification from Global GreenTag across their range of 750+ products and they can be used for assessment by the Green Building Council of Australia. In addition, the durability of Kaolin tiles is incomparable, making them ideal for even the most challenging applications.

Kaolin Tiles


Marrickville Project Ensuite Bathroom