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Ground-breaking engineered stone boasts unmatched depth and quality

Ground-breaking engineered stone boasts unmatched depth and quality

Ground-breaking engineered stone boasts unmatched depth and quality

With the demand for low silica quartz bench tops on the rise, there’s no looking past the textural beauty and rich depth of Ibrido.

Ibrido, the most recent addition to Smartstone’s range of engineered stone surfaces, delivers all the qualities its supplier has become famous for. Practical and durable, it can be relied upon for a long and valued service life.

Along with this, however, Ibrido brings previously unseen qualities to the market; changes that, in these days of net zero carbon targets and heightened environmental awareness, set it apart as a breakthrough product.

Responsibility & sustainability

Engineered from 56% recycled material and containing less than 28% silica – as per the exclusive Smartstone NewGen formulation – it breaks ground in terms of product responsibility and sustainability.

And thanks to the exclusive hybrid print technology employed to manufacture Ibrido – alluded to in its name, which means ‘hybrid’ in Italian – it also sets new standards in terms of textural beauty and depth of colour.

Smartstone Ibrido

Aesthetic accuracy & precise veining

Combining the aesthetic accuracy of porcelain with the benefits of quartz, this technique makes precise veining possible. While the natural looking veined patterns and colours are printed on the surface of the slab with exceptional accuracy, Ibrido actually takes stone engineering to a new level of textural beauty and rich depth.

Because the base is also tinted with pigment, a more natural colour that is consistent with the surface vein is possible. As a result, the surface aesthetic is met with a flowing vein in the body of the engineered base.

A ‘natural stone’ look is able to run beyond the surface to the base of the material and surfaces can be created to mimic natural veined stones more accurately than ever before.

Smartstone Ibrido

Available in seven varieties

Ibrido is available in seven varieties:

  1. Calacatta Oro, which recalls an Italian marble and features strong, dynamic grey veins edged with distinctive gold highlights on a white background
  2. Statuario Grigio, which includes a sweeping bold-to-fine grey vein on a gleaming white background
  3. Elba Bianco, a surface of dark grey shadowy veins and flecks sweeping across a grey-white background that recalls a fine Italian marble
  4. Grafite Grigio, which features pale veining and textural shades of grey.
  5. Onyx Verde, a product that resembles Iranian marble with tonalities of green, enriched by shades of white
  6. Super White, which is made to resemble a distinctive Brazilian marble with tones of grey and contrasting darker grey veining
  7. Tundra Grigio, a limestone recreation with grey tones and subtle brown veining

Book matching is available on two of these surfaces – namely Calacatta Oro and Statuario Grigio. Often used where slab edges meet, such as on waterfall benchtops, long benchtops, splashbacks and wall panels where multiple slabs are required, this feature ensure key visual elements are matched from slab to slab to create a seamless aesthetic.

Smartstone Ibrido

Resistant to stains, scratching, and heat, Ibrido comes with a 15-year warranty. It is available across Australian and New Zealand now.

Find out more about Ibrido, the most recent addition to Smartstone’s range of engineered stone surfaces.



Smartstone Ibrido