Sooper Design

About to celebrate its first birthday, Sooper Design is an online shop, blog and design resource with an impeccable design pedigree and curated selection of innovative and attractive products.

(Hero image is Barcode Magazine Rack by Peter Mclisky)

Sooper Design was created out of the desire to share and discover Australia’s talented designers and provide a mainstream platform to showcase products of excellence and innovation. Creators Anne Sherlock and Jacqui Thomas are dedicated to assisting the Australian design community in building successful and sustainable businesses, creating awareness of designers through profiles and blogs and making Australian objects of design available to you through the Sooper Design website.

Nest bowl by Amber Lucy

Anne and Jacqui’s careers cover design, creation and management both in Australia and internationally, with a shared passion for creating an enhanced lifestyle through beautiful design.

Anne has a background in consumer branding, fashion and homeware and has a forensic interest in lifestyle products from furniture to accessories. She is a keen collector of watches and with a surname like ‘Sherlock’, it naturally makes her an astute discoverer of funky and beautifully designed products.

Decanter and glasses by Emma Klau

Jacqui, a doer of many things, has a quirky leaning toward the right side of the brain. With an uncanny ability to match objects to people, her joy is to delight and surprise, putting a smile in the minds and on the faces of the people she encounters.

Together, as ‘Hunters and Gatherers’ they’ve discovered a fantastic collection of Australian objects of design and the amazing people who have created them. Their online hub of creativity will link you to trends, news and events in Australian Design.

Charcoal Seed Pod rug by Nicola Cerini 

Enjoy being part of their Sooper world.