Splint System by Yellow Diva

Customizable, robust and colourful, this range of tables, stools and benches offers a versatile and modern furniture solution.

Taking it’s name from the light and inexpensive timber used for leg-splints on injured US Navy servicemen, the Splint System is a simple and elegant marriage of solid timber, Shaker joinery and steel brackets.


The splayed legs with traditional stop-chamfer detail are fixed to the seat or table by the ‘Splint brackets’, which both join and articulate the various timber components and lend a an industrial nuance to the pieces.

The series is highly customizable, allowing you to specify the size, shape, height, material and colour of your furniture. With choices of American oak (other plantation grown timbers also available) or laminate-faced birch plywood (white satin) for the wood and the whole Dulux Powder Coatings range of colours for the brackets there are innumerable possible aesthetic combinations, allowing you to match pieces to your style and necessities.

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