‘Standard Sofa’ from Space

Shaped like a cloud and just as comfortable, the Edra Standard sofa is a new modular piece from designer Francesco Binfaré.

The dramatic form of the Standard sofa and its comfortable seating arrangement is the culmination of a 20-year project of typological and technological research. The process began after the introduction of the firm’s first flexible sofa, L’Homme et la Femme in 2003, and shortly after Francesco Binfaré began to design for Edra.


The Standard is intended literally to become the high standard by which all sofas are to be judged. Representing the ultimate in flexibility and adaptability with countless configurations, each of the upper parts of the backrest/armrest pillow can recline individually, to provide seating arrangements for one or more people; it combines a dynamic design aesthetic with functionality suitable for most spaces.


Space Furniture