Steam Ovens from ILVE

ILVE Built-in Steam Oven, the latest in styling and function.

The sophisticated ILVE Built-in Steam Oven features the latest in styling and function, with durability of the highest quality and an emphasis on versatility. The new ILVE Steam Oven completes the ILVE compact cooking collection range, along with the ILVE Combination Microwave Oven.

Reaping the benefits of steaming, the ILVE steam oven allows optimum retention of vitamins, nutrients, flavor, colour and texture of delicate cuisine like fish and Vegetables. The result is great looking and tasting food. ILVE’s steam oven allows the food to absorb only the moisture it requires, with no need to add oils or fats to keep food from drying out, and no over cooking. Four separate cooking levels, with two included stainless steel trays, provide ample separation for the different meal aspects, while a large interior means that there’s enough space to get creative with the cooking options.