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Accessible, adaptable and affordable: Stormtech’s latest innovat...

Accessible, adaptable and affordable: Stormtech’s latest innovation

Accessible, adaptable and affordable: Stormtech’s latest innovation

Champions of accessibility and seamless functionality, Stormtech provides specialist drainage solutions built to last. The brand’s new Shower Screen Support drain catapults it once again onto the world stage for bathroom design innovation.

Stormtech changed the course of bathroom design forever with its 1989 debut of the iconic ‘linear drain.’ The revolutionary drain design allowed for a shower without a hob.

Access and inclusion are key concerns for Stormtech, which endeavours every day to engineer new solutions that will improve the bathroom experience for people all around the world.

Now, the company is poised to change the course of bathroom design once more. The culmination of decades of experience, extensive collaboration, and a drive to break boundaries, its new 120SCS Shower Screen Support drain represents the latest innovation in drainage systems.

An all-new product, the 120SCS is a versatile linear drainage system functions both as a drain for either sides of the shower screen and as a support for the shower itself.

Made from 316 Stainless Steel, the 120SCS is designed for flexibility, and ease of installation. The wall-to-wall installation allows a simple dual fall across the bathroom. As a result, a single floor waste can drain the entire bathroom, meaning designers are no longer required to detail the intricate geometries in which the bathroom floor will fall to a traditional centred floor waste. Additionally, as the simple dual fall sheds water more effectively, they are free to use larger format tiles to create the impression of space in smaller bathrooms. 

With Stormtech’s innovative 120SCS, builders and tilers do not need to have complex falls or undertake intricate tile cutting as is required for most dual drain (shower and main bathroom) layouts. There is less tile wastage from having to re-cut tiles and breakage, plus a faster and simpler tiling process. 

Importantly, simple dual falls are helpful for people with access and mobility issues because the shower entrance is open, and more specifically, when a shower chair or stool is used, the single plane of fall in the shower area ensures that the chair or stool will not rock. This enhances bathroom accessibility and accommodates the NDIS and Liveable Housing Provisions for future adaptive use. 

Furthermore, as the drain is away from the entry door to the bathroom, any water thrown towards the door will run back to the drain. This reduces the risk of amenity loss if a water heater within the bathroom were to fail, as the water spilt would drain normally instead of flooding the bathroom and then into other areas of the building.

For more information, visit stormtech.com.au


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