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Studio Oddness: Bubblegraphy

Studio Oddness introduces a series of vases made using a special soap technique.

First shown at Dutch Design Week 2015, Bubblegraphy is a series of vases produced by Studio Oddness, a young firm founded by Dutch designers Adrianus Kundert and Thomas van der Sman. The two met – literally – with their hands in clay while they were working on their own projects at Design Academy Eindhoven, and Bubblegraphy is the fruit of their very first collaboration together.

Bubblegraphy - Studio Oddness | Habitus Living

The series consists of vases in six different shapes. Each vase has a unique layer, which is made using a special soap technique. By blowing air into the glaze, a mersmerising play of bubble shapes on the surface of the vase results.

Bubblegraphy - Studio Oddness | Habitus Living

According to the designers, the production of the vases is inspired by the “random and the odd”. Both Kundert and Sman have a fascination for amorphous structures and randomness, and have deliberately incorporated the act of spontaneity into the production process.

At the moment, the designers produce each and every Bubblegraphy vase themselves, and they share that it is important for them to be physically responsible and connected to the making of each piece.

For enquiries, email studio@oddness.nl

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