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Transcending time

Transcending time

Tacchini’s latest collection was first unveiled among the majestic ruins of an old villa in Sirmione, during last year’s Milan Design Week. Much like the scenic remains of the mansion, the designs fuse the transcending allure of primitive volumes, traditional craftsmanship and luxurious materiality.

With a signature design language that transcends time, Tacchini’s family name has been synonymous with sophisticated charm and classical elegance since its inception in 1967.

The new collection from one of Italy’s most renowned design houses rediscovers the past with the launch of the new Design Classics range, which unearths some of the most iconic pieces released in the last century.

The collection comprises a selection of armchairs, lounge chairs and tables, and each re-edition is a fundamental celebration of its original, time-defying form, enhanced only by the invigorating language of innovation derived from its new, contemporary context.

The perfect ratio of Pigreco Chair

Originally designed as Tobia Scarpa’s graduation project at the University of Venice in 1959, the immaculate proportions of the Pigreco Chair have been re-introduced as part of the Design Classics collection.

A result of close collaboration with the renowned Italian architect behind the original design, the updated version of this unparalleled piece is defined by the even, minimal and delightfully surprising geometry of intersecting lines and interplaying forms.

Satisfying in the striking sophistication of its agreeable ratio, the avant-garde chair conjures a comforting sense of lightness, while the two back legs, placed close together, provide structural support and stability. In a dynamic fusion of pronounced arches and firm, straight lines, the welcoming half-halo of the backrest melts into the triangular base of the chair, with a generous curved seat sitting on top of it.

Tacchini Design Classics range

Tacchini’s exclusive re-edition of this legendary piece is available with Stylecraft in Canaletto walnut, walnut-stained ash and charcoal grey ash, and a choice of leather or fabric seat coverings.

The selection of new, carefully curated materials progresses the much-coveted piece into the present context, while further accentuating its timeless expression.

Voluptuous volumes of the Orsola range

Designed in 1970 by Gastone Rinaldi, the newly re-released Orsola Lounge and Armchair brings back the indulgent optimism of the era, while elevating some of the detailing in line with contemporary standards.

The new take on the bold classic maintains its original, luxuriously robust and inviting silhouette with a selection of new generation coverings. Attentively handcrafted by master upholsterers, the pieces celebrate artisanal traditions of days gone by, while embracing the evolution of craftsmanship and incorporating revisited and up-to-date techniques. 

Tacchini Design Classics range
Orsola sofa

Further accentuating the alluring roundness of form, the reinvented tubular chrome metal base firmly embraces the soft abundance of the polyurethane foam seats, while providing the support and stability that will be welcome in any residential or commercial setting.

These quintessential forms signed by Tobia Scarpa and Gastone Rinaldi, are complemented by a selection of new pieces which harmoniously echo the essential curvature of line, grounding materiality and patient art of craftsmanship that characterise the Design Classics.

Tacchini Design Classics range
Orsola armchair

The primal finesse of the Elephant Armchair

The Elephant Armchair, by Lebanese designer Karen Chekerdjian, is one of the new additions to the collection. An embodiment of tranquil strength, the generous seat is defined by robust proportions and a tranquil sense of calm confidence. The voluminous and substantial expression of the armchair is underscored by fine cabinet-making, resulting in a unique language of primal finesse.

The strong, clearly defined base is made with turned solid wood, with the tusks confidently pointed outwards in a gentle, sliding motion. Grounded by four trunk-like legs – and a commanding sense of authority – the frame has been crafted from leather, which only enhances the honest and fundamental character of the piece. The goose-down padded cushion promises added comfort and compounds the welcoming nature of the chair.

Tacchini Design Classics range
The Elephant armchair

The monumental mass of the Togrul Table

Togrul’s solid, obelisk-like base evokes a confident notion of fluid stillness. Sturdy in its materiality and sculptural in its expression, the gentle dynamism of the rigid polyurethane base is accentuated by the earthy clay finish, carefully applied by hand by master craftspeople.

The sincere, tactile and diverse character of the surface grounds the space – be it a residential or commercial setting – and the marble top available in a selection of finishes ranging from the pared-back White Calacatta Marble to the more striking Shiny Patagonia Marble, further enhances the versatile nature of the piece.

Tacchini Design Classics range

Originally presented amongst the romantic remains of a Roman mansion on the coast of Italy, and now available through Stylecraft in Australia and Singapore, this masterfully curated collection of cult re-editions and new designs effortlessly traverses the plains of the past, present and future.

In celebrating the transcendent nature of the collection, Tacchini’s design narrative challenges the linear concept of time and flawlessly bends its inviting trajectory.