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Talenti and Carlo Colombo reveal Tressé

Talenti and Carlo Colombo reveal Tressé

Collaborations between titans of industry such as Carlo Colombo and Talenti often lead to the kind of masterpieces which transcend time and the fleeting trends to come. The Tressé is one such magnum opus.

Talenti, the quintessential Italian outdoor furniture brand, celebrates the fever of fashion week spreading across the world capitals in September 2023 to unveil a new collaboration with the iconic designer Carlo Colombo.

Carlo Colombo requires no introduction in the world of design, and his collaboration with the Cameli family’s Talenti – as expected – makes a thrilling debut. The result?

The exquisite Tressé collection – a playful testament to the fusion of artistry, innovation, and sustainability.

The Tressé collection draws inspiration from the 1990s, a decade that witnessed the rise of Bottega Veneta and the redefinition of luxury through intricate weaves. In Italian, “Tressé” means “intertwined.” The collection lives up to its name, taking the essence of the 90s era and reimagining it with a unique character that blends seamlessly with Talenti’s signature style.

The characteristic heartbeat of Tressé is created using a tubular aluminium structure draped in minimalistic design, offering both elegance and comfort for outdoor spaces. The collection explores ideas of maximum versatility, allowing for multiple compositions to suit various spatial needs.

What truly identifies Tressé as a unique player on the global design stage is its sophisticated interweaving of eco-leather bands across the perimeter of the seats. From cosy sofas to original coffee tables and glamorous dining tables made of lava stone, the collection carries a stylistic signature that harmonises beautifully with Talenti’s ethos of high functioning, luxury design.

One of the foundational pillars of Talenti’s philosophy is sustainability. This commitment is evident in the research, development, and selection of materials used to create Tressé, a collection which will stand the test of time and reduce the need for overconsumption as the decades draw on. 

The Tressé collection explores the figure of the cube as a primordial element, articulating a sense of order and refinement. The distinctive eco-leather bands, available in a range of breathtaking colours – from cold grey silk to rich earth and warm Siena – add character and charm to every piece.

The Tressé collection is a testament to the raw potential that can be realised by visionary designers in collaboration with exceptional brands. It invites us on a journey into a parallel dimension where we rediscover the true essence of elegance – an essence intertwined with sustainability and everlasting beauty. Experience the full scope of Tressé with Talenti.

For more information please contact Talenti at info@talenti.com.au


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