Humble, Handmade Light Fittings From Marz Designs

As a designer – and a human – Coco Reynolds is refreshingly down-to-earth. The proof is in the thoughtful materiality of the items that come out of her independent industrial design practice, Marz Designs.

Consider the Terra lighting collection, for instance; a versatile selection of pendants, ceiling and wall fixtures, born from a marriage of natural materials in functional form. Handmade clay ceramic shades and combinations of hand-turned timber compose the collection’s design variations – each of which is honest in appearance and architectural in construct.

Made in collaboration with Byron Bay-based artisan, Grit Ceramics, the slip cast ceramic components of the light shades are available in a choice of three tones; Slate, Sage, and Vanilla Bean. Each Terra collection piece is infused with subtle variations inherent of handcraft, making each light fitting rich in origin and unique in form.

Terra 00

Crafted with a combination of two contrasting half domes, Terra 00 is available in pendant, wall and ceiling-mounted formats. Ceramic shades paired with hand-turned FSC certified timbers in Walnut or Oak to create these unique pieces.


Terra 0

Featuring a brass backplate and a short or long articulating arm this light is available in a wall light format and is both directional and functional. The singular domed ceramic fitting creates a controlled light source.


Terra 1.0

Simple cylindrical ceramic forms create the Terra 1 range. Available in pendant, wall and articulating wall formats. Mix and match to bring a sense of individuality into a master bedroom.


Terra 1.5

A matte cylindrical shape is layered with a smaller glazed base to create this asymmetric stack of ceramic forms with two contrasting finishes. The Terra 1.5 is available as a feature pendant or directional ceiling mounted light.


Terra 2.0

These lights feature two slip-cast lamp holders with unique brass or blackened brass detailing. A duo of ceramic cylinders stacked to form a bi-directional wall light suitable for both residential and commercial interior spaces.


Marz Designs

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