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The Reign of the North

The Reign of the North

Nordic design has swept over the globe, offering a solution to the modern nomadic lifestyle.

Scandinavian design is a term that has grown to supersede its northern geography, now shared around the global creative dining table – we’ve had a taste and you bet we’re stealing the recipe. Scandinavian design is undoubtedly the most gorgeous antidote to the ruckus of our modern lives, disguising our clutter in the poetic interplay of simple lines and honest materials.

Although Australia is at the farthest end of the map from the progenitive Nordic nations, the desire – need even – for soothing design is equally true. Local retailer FLOC is responding with a healthy prescription of Scandinavian-inspired pieces from Danish brand WOUD. The timber-focused collection visually articulates our longing for space and order, responding
to the fundamental principals of Scandinavian design from an international pool of designers.

WOUD’s adherence to a raw aesthetic aligns wholly to FLOC, a coastal-infused concept store offering furniture that draws on the inherent brilliance of natural materials. Nestling in with FLOC’s existing range, each piece honours its construction through clean designs that aim to ease rather than engulf our everyday activities.

Extending through lounges and chairs, wardrobes, mirrored shelving and lighting, the WOUD Universe – as it is perfectly described – unveils a holistic range to relieve any and all interior spaces. The collection balances visually light and elegant designs with comfort. The Nakki series from Finnish designer Mika Tolvanen, for instance, fuses a discreet, angular metal base with curvaceous and embracing cushioning. This piece plays off of its disparate forms to offer reductive design without shaving off an iota of character.

It is this careful tiptoeing between the stripped back and the amiable that carries the collection, allowing
for the personality of each piece to adapt and meld into its desired context. And it is no wonder that Scandinavian design has peppered the global market, its slim silhouette casting it as the ideal solution to our nomadic lifestyles. Following an ethos of lightweight assembly and manoeuvring, each piece is as relevant
to a roaming 18 year-old as it is to a settled family

WOUD represented by FLOC in Australia and NZ





Holly Cunneen was the editor of Habitus and has spent her time in the media writing about architecture, design and our local industry. With a firm view that “design has a shared responsibility to the individual as much as it does the wider community,” her personal and professional trajectory sees her chart the interests, accomplishments, and emerging patterns of behaviour within the architecture and design community.