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TORLYS Cork Flooring from Carpet Design Centre

TORLYS Cork Flooring from Carpet Design Centre

Cork flooring has a whole new, refined appeal thanks to the designers from TORLYS, providing clients with beautiful, easy to maintain, smart, green flooring.

A high density fibre core enables excellent acoustic and thermal insulation and high dent resistance – making this cork flooring perfect for all living areas of the home. The colour range of 30 options is compatible with any décor and is available in three style levels to suit your ambiance needs.  

Cork is an entirely renewable resource and cork floors are made without destroying a single cork oak tree. TORLYS Cork is grown in managed forests in Portugal and Spain, where the bark is carefully harvested, once every nine years, in a centuries-old tradition with hand tools.  Everything related to cork harvesting is done responsibly to ensure that entire forests remain undamaged. It is not unusual to have a 200 year-old tree still producing cork bark.

TORLYS Cork is installed without messy glues or chemicals or fumes, or nails of any kind. All pigments and varnishes are water-based, solvent-free and have no VOCs. 

Cork flooring is an easy way to add warmth and beauty to your surroundings and feel good about the environment at the same time. When you know all the facts, it’s hard not to give cork a second look.

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