Transform Bathrooms with the Enchanting Form of Sled and Fluido

Varsha Nandagopal

Designed by Carlo Colombo, Antoniolupi’s new products: the Sled freestanding bathtub and the integrated Fluido sink are unique in their sculptural form and feel. Their distinct designs create an invigorating presence, transforming the landscape of bathrooms.

The bathroom: in its cool embrace, it bends light, water and heat. With elegant design choices and sinuous fittings, it is a space that has the potential to be absolutely invigorating. Antoniolupi always offers the most enchanting bathroom solutions, with their new products, Sled and Fluido, giving us a chance to truly elevate our spaces in a way that seems both minimalistic and luxurious. Designed by Carlo Colombo, the Sled bathtub that seems to have been carved out of water and the Fluido sink which integrates into the wall, are innovative and mesmerising in their form, completely transforming the landscape of bathroom design.

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Sled: the Freestanding Bathtub

The invigorating essence of water, a protagonist of the bathroom, is captured by the Sled freestanding bathtub. The undulating nature of the ocean is seen in the soft, smooth curvature of Sled, while the bathtub’s precise cuts and engravings are reminiscent of the rocks carved by the slow, but constant movement of a stream. Perfectly manipulating shape, Sled consists of alternating full and empty spaces to embrace the human form. From the smooth, oval geometry of the head of the bathtub extends two diagonal cuts which dissect into the depth of the pelvis. An incision, with affluent width, lowers the edge of the bathtub in a way that not only offers a sense of lightness and dynamism but also a surface to support bathroom products.

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However, what makes Sled truly distinct in its design is its enchanting radiance. The lightness of the bathtub is accentuated by its small base — this size juxtaposes with the spacious basin, creating a sense of suspension. Through the incorporation of LED light along the perimeter of the base, this effect can be further enhanced, creating light and shadow to make the floor beneath it seem invisible. This result of an almost floating bathtub makes Sled stand out, with its enchanting sculptural form imposing a transformative exuberance in the bathroom.

Antoniolupi recognises the need for individuality and customisation in our homes. Available in either Flumood, their iconic smooth resin, or the velvety Colormood, Sled permits an expression of creativity, giving bathrooms a bespoke quality. The variety in colour choices also ensures that Sled can be seamlessly incorporated into any bathroom aesthetic.

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Fluido: the Integrated Sink

Again, with the considered, precise design of Carlo Colombo, Antoniolupi’s Fluido sink brings the role of water to the forefront. Fluido is sinuous in its form, with its detached faucet and sink integrated into the wall to preserve only the functionality and sculptural shape of the product. The curving outline of the column blends into the basin, recalling the seamless, monolithic moment of water and hereby giving the bathroom an added sense of dynamism and life.
The double soul of the basin interior gives it a unique look — additional LED lighting accentuates its soft shape, experimenting with light to create a soft, enchanting aesthetic full of emotion.

The smoothness of Fluido is cultivated due to its Flumood material. After installation, this sink can be painted with the same colour as the wall to truly achieve the integrated effect. Renowned for their constant evolution to keep up with emerging trends, Antoniolupi ensures that this finish can be continually and easily changed or updated. In doing so, Fluimood becomes a sink that is not only magical in its design but also versatile in its application.

The evident fusion of form, functionality and stunning aesthetics by Carlo Colombo and Antoniolupi only affirms their renowned credibility as a leading manufacturer of bathroom ware. Sled and Fluido, with their elegant shapes and enchanting presence, possess the ability to transform the landscape of the bathroom. Unique in their sculptural form, Sled and Fluido are bathroom products like no other.

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