Unico Pro: The Architectural Appeal of the Discreet

Ola Moszumanska

In the world of design, the discreet and unimposing is as compelling as the striking and ornate, and Unico Pro’s sleek silhouette is a testament to the potential of subtlety in honouring and enhancing the very premise of architecture.

Olimpia Splendid has been designing and manufacturing air conditioners, heaters, air purifiers and hydronic systems for over 60 years. Building on decades of tradition, expertise and innovation, the Italy-based industry leader has recently launched a revolutionary air conditioner that redefines the relationship between temperature control and architectural potential of the building.

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“We’ve worked closely with the team in Italy to provide an air conditioner that aims to preserve, complement and respect architectural designs with non-intrusive fixtures,” explains Peter Burnham, Olimpia Splendid’s Marketing & Product Development Manager. Unico Pro – the ground-breaking wall-mounted air conditioner with no external unit – does just that.

In lieu of a bulky outdoor compressor, Unico Pro’s external presence is limited to two inconspicuous holes in the wall that can fit in flawlessly with any architectural style and building design. This innovative solution enables architects to bring their vision to life without compromising the simplicity and cleanliness of lines across the building’s exterior.

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Beyond a clear aesthetic benefit that prioritises architectural purpose and undoubtedly enhances the appeal of the facade, Unico Pro’s unique design makes it an ideal choice for properties that don’t allow external fittings. Whether it’s an apartment complex where every metre of space on a balcony is extremely valuable, a heritage listed edifice or a dwelling defined by strata or body corporate restrictions, the air conditioner’s minimal footprint brings the potential of incorporating temperature control in locales that may not be able to feature it otherwise. The flexible character of the slim unit is further highlighted by the fact that the air conditioner can be installed anywhere on the wall, once again prioritising design over logistical limitations.

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What is a beautiful expression of stylish and versatile efficiency from the outside, inside Unico Pro reveals itself as an elegant unit that’s bound to complement a broad range of interiors. Designed by the prestigious Milan studio, Matteo Thun & Partners, the revolutionary product boasts a carefully conceived, modern, slimline silhouette. A true celebration of Italian design, the graceful unit which houses the compressor is also a true masterpiece in engineering with the internal components of Unico Pro made smaller in order to ensure the compact size of the air conditioner.

In addition to that, the unit was carefully insulated which – alongside premium soundproofing materials the product is constructed with – ensures unobtrusive, quiet operations. With the modern inverter designed with low-noise functionality in mind, the unit operates as low as 49 decibels. That ensures low noise performance both outside and inside, and means Unico Pro is quiet enough to be installed in bedrooms.

With an intuitive onboard backlit touchscreen and a full-function remote control, the non-intrusive fixture is as effortless to operate, as it is to install – Unico Pro works with a standard 10A wall plug, and requires no wiring through walls. “The installation process can be done with ease, by simply mounting and plugging in, making it a seamless addition to a building project,” says Burnham.

In a stunning fusion of Italian design and innovative engineering, Olimpia Splendid gives us a stylishly discreet and incredibly versatile air conditioning product that offers the opportunity to add effortless heating and cooling control to any project – with incredible ease, and no impact on its architectural design.

Olimpia Splendid