Valcucine – Revolutionising Kitchen Ergonomics

Valcucine – Revolutionising Kitchen Ergonomics


Introducing ergonomically designed kitchens exclusive to Rogerseller.

Valcucine are true artisans of kitchen living. Their mission is to achieve a perfect combination of sustainability, ergonomics and innovative design. It is the mix of these three passions that creates an exclusive kitchen solution for you.


Everything on hand, everything tidy in an instant.


Valcucine’s ‘New Logica’ is a revolutionary new ‘equiped back’ system designed to contain all your kitchen equipment – weighing scales, small appliances, knife block, moveable power and USB sockets, hooks and even a cooker hood. And because New Logica is plumbed, the kitchen tap and dish-drainer are hidden away in here too. Every element is quickly concealed by the ergonomically designed cabinet doors that open and close with push of a finger.

The 80cm deep worktops allow freedom of movement. The lift-up door is fitted with a unique balancing device that makes it easy to open without the use of hinges, frictions or springs. It opens with a simple upward touch of the hand, giving total access to the interior.


Valcucine designs furniture that uses less raw materials and energy. This can be seen in Artematica -the first kitchen door in the world to have a 100% aluminium structural frame. This makes the door extremely resistant to humidity, water, heat and impacts. It’s 100% recyclable, using 65% less materials than a standard door and thanks to its unique joining system, uses no toxic glues.

Valcucine have been designing and manufacturing products for 30 years that respect the four fundamental rules of eco-compatibility: dematerialisation, recyclability, durability and reduction of toxic emissions.