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Will Vegan Interior Design Be The Next Big Thing?

Will Vegan Interior Design Be The Next Big Thing?

Will Vegan Interior Design Be The Next Big Thing?

Aline Dürr gets down to the brass-tacks of veganism in the practice of interior design in her educational and highly accessible published debut.

Vegan Interior Design, the debut publication of Aline Dürr, an award-winning interior architect, coach and animal welfare advocate, comes at a time in which conscious consumerism is becoming recognised globally as an issue of increasing gravity.

No longer presumed just a radical diet followed exclusively by impassioned animal rights activists and the hyper-healthy, veganism has flourished in recent years. Corralling the interests of anyone remotely concerned with the environment, sustainability, animal welfare, and/or personal health and wellbeing, the concept is now set to become a prevailing philosophy of the new age.

Oriented toward those who are intrigued as opposed to astute on the matter, Vegan Interior Design by Aline Dürr is decidedly more of an introductory handbook than an exemplar of academic literature. Written in clear and simple language, the book’s contents are pragmatically presented, culminating in a practical and highly accessible resource for design enthusiasts and professionals alike who are looking to bring a more conscious and informed perspective to their interior endeavours.

“I am writing this book without claiming to explain everything exhaustively,” writes Aline. “My aim is to give a good overview and summarise the main points of a very complex subject in an easy-to-digest way.”

Aline deciphers veganism in the context of interior design first in terms of materials and finishes, then according to the programme or typology of space. Through the lens of materiality the designer presents facts, busts myths, highlights health risks and introduces vegan-friendly alternatives for materials such as leather, paint, hard surface solutions and a variety of textiles.

Vegan or not, as designers and inhabitants of space conscious consumerism is an emerging issue with mounting significance. In her book, Vegan Interior Design, Aline Dürr offers enlightened practitioners and consumers of design services a rudimentary and practical toolkit for applying vegan principles in the context of interior design. The title makes light reading out of a high-minded concept.

As an introductory guide to practicing conscious design for interiors, Vegan Interior Design by Aline Dürr is a highly accessible and informative read. However, readers be warned: it only begins to scratch the surface of this emergent topic — here’s hoping there’s more where that came from.

Vegan Interior Design

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