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Cooling Down Without A/C? Meet Verosol – The World Leader In Metallise...

Cooling Down Without A/C? Meet Verosol – The World Leader In Metallised Fabrics

For over 50 years Verosol has been changing the world of metallised fabrics and solar control solutions for buildings of any size. Why not stay comfortable in style?

The year was 1963. Verosol founder and fames Dutch shipbuilder Cornelis Verolme arrived in New York City, awed by the impressive skyline. Yet a thought struck him – in a concrete jungle built with an emphasis on glass facades, how could you control the indoor climate? This was the spark that would lead to Verosol.

After lengthy experimentation and design, Verolme came to the realization that it was the metallisation of fabrics that would be the answer, which would result in high tech modernist blinds and curtains. Though incorporating a microscopic layer of aluminium onto fabric, the SilverScreen layer, these new products would make it possible to reflect heat and glare outside the building, and regulate the heat and light indoors – which makes for significant energy and cost savings as well as a much more comfortable environment inside.

This realization and design was Verolme’s breakthrough, and his company Verosol is his legacy. Today, Verosol are a global leader in metallised performance fabrics and solar control solutions, lending a masterful hand over indoors heat and glare control, visual comfort, and cost savings.

The benefits of Verosol’s groundbreaking SilverScreen technology speak for themselves. A market leading reflection of up to 82% solar radiation, a near perfect elimination of ultra violent radiation into the home, and doubling as an anti-static, anti-dust and life longevity booster for blind fabrics, it’s little surprise that designers and design-lovers across the globe opt for this technology.


Practically, what this means is that glare is reduced against smart devices, TVs and computer screens, delicate couch fabrics aren’t prone to frustrating colour loss, and the overall heat and comfort levels of the home are at an ideal.

Every installation of SilverScreen technology is a investment in your future comfort, let alone heating and cooling bills! Through repelling so much solar energy before it has a chance to turn into heat in your home, even a hot summer’s day will have you thinking again before reaching for the air conditioner, and in cooler winter months, the aluminium layer insulates the window – trapping warm air inside the room.

Despite other blind manufacturers attempts to copy or mimic the SilverScreen process, it’s Verosol that stands above the competition. With a five-year warranty, it’s clear that when it comes to quality, durability and functionality, it’s Verosol that the light shines on.


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