VOLA FS3 Freestanding Shower System

Concise, slender, sculptured design

Designed by:Vola

I am: Freestanding Shower System

About me:

Incorporating a variety of products,
this classic collection is a breath of fresh air in what can sometimes be a
product-saturated market.

The new Freestanding Shower System FS3 with thermostat embodies the VOLA
character in its purest form; concise, slender, sculptured design. Its modern
and geometrical shape distinguishes it, which is sure to inspire all purist
VOLA followers. In its function the new FS3 mimics natural rain fall but unlike
nature, the intensity and temperature of the curtains of water can be easily

Materials: Available in Polished chrome, Brushed chrome
& Brushed stainless steel