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VOLA and the philosophy of ‘total design’

VOLA and the philosophy of ‘total design’

VOLA Copenhagen Showroom | Photography by Christian Møller Andersen | Architecture by Torben Madsen, LINK Arkitektur

Renowned tap manufacturer VOLA continues the Danish design tradition with products that display elegance in form and function, down to every last detail.

Craftsmanship, functionality, and quality – these are the basic tenets of Danish design. It is also what comes to mind when thinking of VOLA, whose iconic tap designs combine clean, simple lines with innovative function. Since their inception, the Danish brand’s ethos has been closely intertwined with an enduring respect for the Danish culture and design heritage, with strong ties to the natural world and a strong commitment to sustainability.

VOLA Copenhagen Showroom | Photography by Christian Møller Andersen |
Architecture by Torben Madsen, LINK Arkitektur

The devil is in the details

In Denmark, design and culture intertwine, with the practice of ‘total design’ firmly embedded as a part of the Danish way of life.  In the ‘total design’ philosophy, every element of a scheme is given equal consideration, from architectural form and landscaping, down to the smallest detail such as a door handle or tap.

One of the pioneers of the ‘total design’ concept was Arne Jacobsen, Denmark’s most celebrated architect and the designer behind the VOLA taps first created in 1968. Jacobsen’s work went well beyond product design, creating whole spaces and concepts where every element – from taps, towel rails and shirt drawers to glasses, mugs, ashtrays and door handles – were touched by his hand.

Arne Jacobsen

With its pure lines and simple forms, Jacobsen’s design of the National Bank in Copenhagen is among his most iconic, and is also one of his earliest collaborations with VOLA. The VOLA 111 tap and the Bankers Wall Clock were designed especially for this project, proving how beautiful, yet functional, elements could form a design unity that enhanced society as a whole as well as the experience of the individual.

Today, VOLA products can be found in cultural spaces throughout Denmark and all over the world. The brand’s original modular design system, the built-in tap concept which hid the plumbing behind the wall and placed emphasis on the visible spout and lever, has become an object of timeless beauty, bringing attention to VOLA’s design values of attention to detail and longevity.

VOLA Copenhagen Showroom | Photography by Christian Møller Andersen |
Architecture by Torben Madsen, LINK Arkitektur

Craftsmanship, functionality and quality

A continuation of the strong Danish design tradition, VOLA forgoes relentless novelty instead celebrating simple, functional products that highlight pure forms and geometry without revealing the complexities of the manufacturing process involved.

At the VOLA factory near Horsens, Denmark, each product is created by hand by craftspeople who have learned skills and techniques from the generations before them. From machinists to metal workers, the brand’s commitment to Scandinavian craftsmanship has underpinned its operations since its earliest days.

Another component of VOLA’s ethos is its unwavering approach to quality control as the best products are also the most sustainable. Using only the very best raw materials, the brand’s mixers, taps and accessories are made from solid brass and stainless steel. Every product that emerges from the factory is finished to an exceptional level of detail with a tactile surface that stands the test of time.

During the manufacturing process, high levels of recycling, water conservation and low levels of energy use highlight VOLA’s enduring respect and connection to nature.

Focusing on these core principles, VOLA truly epitomises the Danish design spirit. As the ‘total design’ philosophy takes on new meaning as we move through the 21st century, each VOLA tap is an example of how good design is not just a product of history and culture, but also helps shape it.

To learn more about VOLA and the Danish tradition of ‘total design’, watch this video.


VOLA Copenhagen Showroom | Photography by Christian Møller Andersen |
Architecture by Torben Madsen, LINK Arkitektur